Short story

In English class, we were asked to create our own story based on the characters of Romeo and Juliet. I chose to create a big image on the family background of the nurse.

From mother to nurse

Angelica started her “new life” as a cleaner. But it was too tough for a mother who just gave birth to a child ten months ago. Two weeks into the job and her whole body was aching and could not bear the job anymore. She thought about her adorable child every night, her name was Susan. Susan had crystal blue eyes, the transparent blue reflects the marrow of their love. It was one more month until Susan’s first birthday, she had to go back home and celebrate.

She quitted her job as a cleaner a week before Susan’s birthday and was heading back to the exquisite house beside the farm.

Inside the Capulet mansion. Lady Capulet watched the new-born baby, she was 11 months old but still small as a hand, “’tis time to find our baby a nurse, she needs more care and attention.” Lord Capulet walked over beside his wife, “I set posters around our region in search for a nurse, it has been a few days since, all we have to do is wait for a response.”

Angelica walked on the street of Verona. The golden sunlight spilled on the roof tops on each house, “Let fate treat people the same way as sun.” She prayed to herself. She noticed lots of posters on the street lamp and walls saying that the Capulets are needing a nurse.

The mother kept thinking about her child on the way back. She must have grown a lot; would I be able to recognize her? All sorts of worries started to appear in her mind, she didn’t realize that she was walking faster and faster. Finally, the outline of the house appeared in her eyes. The color of the plants around their house gradually weakened, it felt as though the house was draining all life around it. Angelica started running, her eyes were wide open and full of fear. The door wasn’t locked and she rushed in, the house from inside looked just like before, tables organized and windows cleaned. But all sense of life had been removed, the plants on the windowsills were removed, all the leftover mosses were gone. She went outside and saw her husband far away in the farm. Angelica yelled his name. He looked up, ran toward her.

“What happened, my dear?” Angelica asked eagerly, she looked up to the pale man. He was aging faster than the growth of the baby.

The man didn’t say anything, grabbed her hands and leaped into the room. “Only one month after you left, Susan caught a flu, I tried to bring her into the doctor downtown, but the medicine he gave did not work out. I… I didn’t know what else to do, Susan… She didn’t make it through.” The man’s canthus fell, his eyebrows cannot hold its position, the edge of his mouth started shaking.

Angelica gently walked up to him, wrapped him in her arms as though cradling a baby, little sobs escaped from both of them.

She recalled the Capulet posters of requesting a nurse. “I think I know what job I can take, good husband, I will be gone for a long time. Wait for me in peace.”