Literary element – Kite on the football pitch



The element I chose to study about was symbolism, most of the symbols in the play address the theme of, maturity or inequality. The product I chose to create is a four-panel comic where it tells a story of two different colored people playing a football match, then a kite off string flown by, they stopped playing and waited for the kite to pass by. Lastly, the two race walked off the pitch together peacefully.

People live in a world full of influences and other voices, just like how a soccer player perform on the pitch, where every move they make are judged. Sam, through the event of flying a kite, taught Hally a lesson about it. He told Hally to stand in the crowd and be proud of what he’s got, as they flew a kite made of tomato box and old stockings beside a whites-only chair on the hill. This meaning of kite flying is expressed through the size of the white person on the pitch, how he’s purposefully drawn smaller than the black person to represent the concept of standing against the society and believing in what is correct.

The concept of “a world without collisions,” formed by dancing, was brought up towards the end of the book. The second picture in the comic represented conflict, between the characters and the two races, how the white race, Hally, was taking up more space as he’s flying in for the header from the right side. The black, Sam, raised from their ground and fought back for their rights (vertical jump). The crowd disappeared because, in the conflict, the feeling of the others will be neglected, or damaged. In the book, Hally abreacts the anger produced by him and his dad on Sam, an observer, a person of the black race. Sam, however, stood for himself and talked Hally through the conflict.

The kite had a jean as its tail, representing maturity. The idea of wearing long pants was related to maturity, so were understanding the true meaning of kite, where the adult world seems to be smooth and without collisions. In the comic, the football game stopped and both players looked up to watch the kite, as Hally ultimately understood the lesson from Sam and accepted him. The football, representing the conflict of two race, were left aside untouched. The norms of the society, at this time, became unimportant as the two characters followed their minds. The four picture, where the two race walked off pitch peacefully, equally, next to each other, with racism behind them.