Global Issue Exploration

Now that we’ve finished our first practice IO, went through the CNY break, we are going to start preparing more systematically for the IO exam and begin our study of the novel Orange is Not the Only Fruit.

This post is about the planning and preparation of the next IO. I chose The World’s Wife and Green Rice as my two works, and I will be talking about the global issues that I will focus on.

One of the issue is “how motherhood changes a person’s identity and role”, and I looked up an article about this theme. Here’s the link to the article. This article is related to the two works that I’ve chose as they are all generally about the female identity, and that they comment about the gender roles of female. The most important role, mother, of course, is covered by the two works. While Green Rice focuses on how motherhood shapes the females in Vietnam culture under the effect of war, The World’s Wife mentions the value of motherhood towards a female individual. However, the article is more informative as it describes the circumstances that a mother will face. It explicitly states the difficulties that mothers face and is generally in an admiring tone, praising the role of the mother. The author of the two works, on the other hand, expresses more of what they feel about motherhood. Their tone are more definite and mostly addresses motherhood as a positive thing to a female. This could be resulted in the authors being females, they generally view motherhood as a good change in their lives, whereas in the real world, things might be different

The other issue is “The reactions of modern day females to social expectations”. Here’s the link to the article. This article talks about how females seemingly have freedom decide to who they want to be but are actually judged by their appearances all the times. This is one type of social expectation, but there are also more expectations that are related to the identity and action of female. In The World’s Wife, there are many references to both types of expectations. The author Duffy doesn’t seem to have too much resistance towards these expectations, instead, she uses it to point out many insufficiency in men and to emphasize the gender inequality issue. Whereas in Green Rice, the author Lam addresses the social expectation of females during war time, it is more of a friendly tone that hopes for all humans to have better lives.

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