Second IO Reflection

We have just finished the IO recording and got our feedback from the teacher, here’s a short reflection on how I did and a plan for what to do next.

Things that went well:
– Planning and structure was a lot better than last time
– I spoke without a script (yes last time I had one) and managed to fit most of the content into the 12 minute range
– The analysis was more in depth than last time
– I had better knowledge of what the examiner will be looking for and how to deliver them

My biggest surprise was the fact that analysis are not as hard as I thought, I scored higher than I thought I would. All I did was connecting the specific lines and words of the text to the global issue, and some of them are obvious so they aren’t that hard.

Having said that, the thing that I definitely need to work on is the presentation, I need to make my recording more fluent and pace myself so I’m not too worried about time (it was quite tight this time). Moreover, based on the feedback, I need to work on balancing the sections and analysis between the text, I did too much with the original English one and sort of omitted the translated text. So my main goal for next time would be to plan more analysis for both text and practice more of my presentation.

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