Short story

In English class, we were asked to create our own story based on the characters of Romeo and Juliet. I chose to create a big image on the family background of the nurse.

From mother to nurse

Angelica started her “new life” as a cleaner. But it was too tough for a mother who just gave birth to a child ten months ago. Two weeks into the job and her whole body was aching and could not bear the job anymore. She thought about her adorable child every night, her name was Susan. Susan had crystal blue eyes, the transparent blue reflects the marrow of their love. It was one more month until Susan’s first birthday, she had to go back home and celebrate.

She quitted her job as a cleaner a week before Susan’s birthday and was heading back to the exquisite house beside the farm.

Inside the Capulet mansion. Lady Capulet watched the new-born baby, she was 11 months old but still small as a hand, “’tis time to find our baby a nurse, she needs more care and attention.” Lord Capulet walked over beside his wife, “I set posters around our region in search for a nurse, it has been a few days since, all we have to do is wait for a response.”

Angelica walked on the street of Verona. The golden sunlight spilled on the roof tops on each house, “Let fate treat people the same way as sun.” She prayed to herself. She noticed lots of posters on the street lamp and walls saying that the Capulets are needing a nurse.

The mother kept thinking about her child on the way back. She must have grown a lot; would I be able to recognize her? All sorts of worries started to appear in her mind, she didn’t realize that she was walking faster and faster. Finally, the outline of the house appeared in her eyes. The color of the plants around their house gradually weakened, it felt as though the house was draining all life around it. Angelica started running, her eyes were wide open and full of fear. The door wasn’t locked and she rushed in, the house from inside looked just like before, tables organized and windows cleaned. But all sense of life had been removed, the plants on the windowsills were removed, all the leftover mosses were gone. She went outside and saw her husband far away in the farm. Angelica yelled his name. He looked up, ran toward her.

“What happened, my dear?” Angelica asked eagerly, she looked up to the pale man. He was aging faster than the growth of the baby.

The man didn’t say anything, grabbed her hands and leaped into the room. “Only one month after you left, Susan caught a flu, I tried to bring her into the doctor downtown, but the medicine he gave did not work out. I… I didn’t know what else to do, Susan… She didn’t make it through.” The man’s canthus fell, his eyebrows cannot hold its position, the edge of his mouth started shaking.

Angelica gently walked up to him, wrapped him in her arms as though cradling a baby, little sobs escaped from both of them.

She recalled the Capulet posters of requesting a nurse. “I think I know what job I can take, good husband, I will be gone for a long time. Wait for me in peace.”


Animal farm connections

Have you ever thought of yourself, being equal to a pig, a dog, a horse or any kind of animal? The book Animal farm is focusing on the idea of communism; the whole story was an extended metaphor. Animal farm is a big community which includes different kinds of animals, they desire different types of food, has different ability to work and learn. But the one thing that is common with all of them is that they are all “equal”, in the farm, the pigs are apparently the smartest animal in the farm and so gathered the most attention. The main concept of the book was animals working in harmony with each other under the govern of the pigs. The pigs kept on making rules and setting goals which are for “improvement” of the animal farm. The whole story was about the political choice made by the leaders of the society and the people who are working blindly for the goal. It gives an Irony about the government at the time which Orwell wasn’t satisfied with. This reminds me of the attitude my mother has against China’s new government system, of how Xi Jinping tares out all the buildings on a street and replaced with big red signs that has the main concept of the government on it. My mother is really disturbed with this action yet couldn’t do anything to make a change, this is becoming the most common attitude people have against any types of governmental activities and in my opinion is causing lots of hidden negative emotions. When these emotions accumulate, compresses and finally come to the break out, another round of rebellion is going to arrive and the cycle continues (above are all speculations). the donkey in the book can represent this position in the political event. The character which gives me the most emotional appeal was the sheep. They followed the leader blindly and used the only sentence they understand to subside the negative voice about the decisions made by Napoleon. In reality, these kind of people triggers me the most, they give suggestions biased to the believe they have not considering the consequences and whether the suggestion is correct or not. Finally, the major dramatic question throughout the story was will the farm continue to function properly?

Rick and Morty plot analysis

This is the first time for me watching this “TV” show so my approach may be different from the others who are already familiar with it. It was season one episode one. At the start, the audience is introduced to the two main characters, called Rick, and Morty, obviously. Rick is a crazy grandfather who makes ridiculous inventions and pulls Morty out of school to have different adventure with him. In this episode, after math class, Rick came to school and invited Morty to a different dimension to collect a type of seed called the mega seed. By now the audience is introduced to the major dramatic question. Which is will they get the mega seeds.

The mega seed is located in a different dimension and they have to go through the portal to get it, the portal was generated by one of the invention of Rick. During the process of getting the mega seed, Morty’s leg was broken so Rick had to go to the future to get the medicine for that, and he accidentally stayed in the future for too long that the portal generator ran out of battery. In result, they needed to go through the “interdimensional customs”. Although, they needed to hide the mega seeds so that it will go through the security. They managed to find a way to hide it, but there turns out to be a new searching device in the custom. Rick refused to take the search so the guards started chasing Rick and Morty. They manage to find a portal generator in the custom and successfully got home.

But at home, there is this problem with school, which is probably carried through the whole show, that Morty needed to focus more on studying… As we can see, the major Dramatic question is answered by the fact that they actually got the seed and successfully brought it back to Earth.


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Lawrence Exeter – Interaction of Two Generations

This is a story written with cheque, every one could have their own interpretation of what happened and they will be different.


This story, by Wuther Crue, was written only by cheque. This story I made is about the life of a family, both the kid and father are name Lawrence Exeter. The child was a normal man, had a normal life. Although (spoiler alert) he was unfortunate with his damage on the leg and didn’t manage to come through it.

I believe everyone will have different versions of the story, and here is mine.


“Ordeal by Cheque” Interpretation:

­­­­­­­       First, before the baby was born, Lawrence went to the baby shop to buy the things that is needed for a baby. Then the baby was born in the Hollywood Hospital, September 2nd 1903. His parents went to the toy land to buy him some toy after a month, they spent quite a lot on this. Then the major payment after that was when the child is aged six, this was when the child attends primary school, the school fee was 1250. During the five years of primary school, the child went to the bicycle event. Then, went to the Military academy for middle school (perhaps?). Later on 1921 September, Lawrence Exeter bought himself a Cadillac costing 3885, by this number we can assume that the car is broken and so he went to the Auto Repair Service four days later. In October, his son went to University, and he needed to pay for the transition and the school fee. Two years later, his son decided to go to France and live there so he went with his son. This card was given to his son for manage since the following signature were made by Lawrence Junior. Junior probably fell in love with someone and went to the flower shop before valentine’s day. After that, he once again went to the flower shop in his university. In August, one of the most important decision was made – to buy a house. They paid for the Riviera Heights Land and took two months to build up the structure. Then, they went to the interior decoration shop for the furniture. Not long after that, Senior Exeter went on a honeymoon with his wife and left Junior Exeter at home. He gave him 200,000 and went on for the Ambassador hotel in Hawaii. Then, the cheque was only signed by Junior so I will focus on his life. During the time, he constantly went to various types of shops in France. Time flow through, two years has passed. Junior found this guy who organized marriage, and had discussion with him about the wedding. They set the day at around November 1930. So between now (1928) and then, he went to buy flowers and the most important, the diamond ring which represents love and complete, he bought the ring on May 28th, getting ready for the wedding in November. Found this woman called Flossie Wentworth, he paid her before the wedding. Then went to the Attorneys for the wedding registration. The wedding took place, no accident was made and his sister was there as well, Junior gave some money to her. In the next year Junior encountered some type of accident and bought himself a walker. But before that, He gave his mother a big amount of money. On July 1931, the worse thing happened from his sickness, he first went to his friends and they helped him with that. But there wasn’t much change, he still got into the Hospital, his family came to take care of him. Sadly, he died not long after that and his body was positioned in the Hollywood Mortuary. This is also the end of the “Cheque” story.

Midnight creep – Waiting anxiety

I chose this section of the writing because it only describes the mind of the madman, but not the victim, old man. So I can create the thoughts of the old man and why did the author make him do the movement. I can imagine how the old man’s psychological movement and also create a sense of mystery for the “mad man”, although, in this case, we wouldn’t know that he is mad. I need to be careful on the description of the room, from the old man’s perspective, because what he can see is limited and different from the mad man.




Tonight is the eighth night that the man has entered his room, streaming light of a lantern to the old man’s eye. Just like every other night, the room is filled with darkness and quiet. There was absolutely no sound and the only movement was the old man’s breaths. Suddenly, out of all the silence, a tiny sound of giggle pierced through the room, and clearly waked up the old man, he turned his body around, expecting that to be some kind of fly bypassing his ears. But soon, he felt the door open, there were stronger emptiness to the door than before. This person must be mad in some ways, who would enter a person’s bedroom every day for more than a week? What is he planning to do? Just checking my sleep as a servant? Or is it something else, more evil? By the time the old man thought about all that, he is fully awake, he knew that there is a man in his room, right beside the door, trying to approach without him noticing. The old man was patient, he waited on his bed silently, waiting for the man to take his next move, waiting, trying to escape the trap of fear.

“Clingch!” a piece of metal clicked, the old man jumped up simultaneously, crying out with shaky voice: “Who’s there?” He sat up, staring into the darkness, hard, trying to catch the simplest outline of an object, the one which made the sound. All he sees, however, was only eternal darkness, nothing moves, nothing in sight. He doesn’t remember how long it has been, but he haven’t moved a single finger, neither did the man in the room, he knew since no extra sound was made throughout this absolute silence……

I’m a fighter, a found poem about Junior












Would you still go, without hesitation, to a fight that is meant for you to loose?

In the novel The Absolutely true diary of a Part-time Indian, Sherman Alexie creates a complex character, creates a setting that shapes who the protagonist is – a teenaged Indian who grown up with huge disability and absolutely no love from the family members or the outside world. He does it by his fantastic use of language, setting his story in the Indian reservation, where everyone is poor and had to fight for themselves. The protagonist, of course, is one of them. In this world of no love, the winner is the strongest and the weaker ones only deserve pain. One of the many sides of the protagonist has been revealed: “They called me names”, and yet Junior cannot do much about it. Though, there is one, risky way. Which the protagonist bravely tried, he was “fighting with those boys” with his disables, weakened body to reserve his rights and dignity. We always say, everything has two sides, of course the protagonist is not that type of person who will just fight everything without thinking, he had both mental and physical wound from when he was small. Alexie describes the dark side of Junior as, “I was afraid those monsters were going to kill me” , despite the fact that he is so scared of the fight, he still fights for his rights, because he haven’t “given up” yet.