Street and Urban Photographer- Aaron Boogie

Aaron Boogie:

Main Style:

  • Fast-paced motion type photos
  • Likes to utilize the contrast between lights and urban life during night time
  • Focuses on in motion objects (People walking, biking)
  • Telling a story through a single emotion of a person
  • emphasizes the importance of lighting
  • the technique of focusing and blurring the background
  • unique choice of color palette, external lights to create a glowing effect on the subjects face.

How does he work:

  • Aaron Boogie likes do not like to take his time and stage the shot
  • Takes a series of photos, and chooses the best one later back in the studio
  • Uses a high shutter speed to capture the “freeze” moment of the subject.
  • Does not have one distinct theme to work on, changes the theme from time to time
  • Likes to use a lot of “after effects” to make the subject more distinct inside the photo

Aspects I like about his photos:

  • Fast-paced motion like photos
  • Captures the urban city lifestyle of the people living there
  • Likes to use night time as a tool to highlight the colors of the people’s attire
  • Promotes a sense of an active healthy lifestyle
  • Shows a simple story of the dominant element inside the photo

Link to online work:




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