3 Photographer Analysis

By: Gianni Berengo Gardin

  • In this photo, the photographer attempts to achieve a picture evoking the sense of youth and happiness. This is mainly achieved through a group of young children playing with the jump rope.
  • This particular image is in black and white. The purpose of the color palette could possibly be used to resemble the time period of where the photo was taken, or possibly convey a certain theme to the audience.
  • The composition of this image is rather moving, as it captures the exact moment of the little girl jumping over the rope in mid-air. At the same time, the organization of this photo is also really well done, as the main subject, the girl in the air is at the center of the shot, forcing the audience to focus their attention on the little girl first.
  • Gianni Beerengo Gardin was probably standing up when taking this photo, and the reason being is we can see that the height level of the lens does not completely match with the height level of the children, therefore, showing how the photographer is standing up, and this lack of unity between the height level is caused by the difference in height between the photographer itself and the subjects.
  • The photographer was probably standing still, staging and waiting for the exact perfect moment to take this shot. He utilized a high shutter speed setting to be able to capture that “freeze” effect of the little girl in mid-air.
  • I feel like a good amount of information was captured in this photo. For example, despite the main subject, the audience can still see the background and the events happening around the girl jumping in mid-air. In a way, the background provides a better understanding of the context of this event.
  • If I had to give this photo a title, I would name it the “Forgotten Times”. The reason being is in modern society today, we rarely see kids playing and interacting with each other anymore, as social media and mobile devices have taken over their lives. The title of “Forgotten Times” would be used to remind the audience of the great times we had in the past.
  • If I could ask the photographers 2 questions, they would be: In what context did you take this photo in? What was the purpose or the central message of this photo?

By: Joseph Koudelka

  • In this photo, the photographer conveys the central theme of time and society, as the time on the watch directly correlates with the fast-paced movement of the city.
  • This particular image is in black and white, by having the canvas completely black and white, it can clearly convey the time period that the author shot this or wish it took place in.
  • I would say that this particular image is busy and calm. In this photo, there are multiple cars in speed that is caught by the lens, but with the minimal amount of people on the street, it makes the photo seem calm. With the time of the watch being the focal point, as it is centered in the middle, it forces the audience to direct their attention towards the watch first.
  • I would say that in this photo, the photographer is standing, as the point of view corresponds with the height of the buildings.
  • The photographer had to be standing still to take this shot, as the majority of the picture is in focus. The building, the street, the sidewalk, the hand and also the watch. Which proves that the photographer had to be standing still is achieve this effect of focus.
  • In this photo, the photographer used a rather wider angle to capture as much information of the street. By having the street, sidewalk and cars appear in the canvas, it may help strengthen his central theme and viewpoint.
  • If I had to give this photo a name, it would be “Time Race”. This is because the focal point of the image is revolving around the theory of time.
  • Where was this photo taken? What is the background story behind this photo?

Matt Stuart

  • Similarly to the photo before, this photo also conveys a sense of modern city life, and also the fundamental rules of time.
  • This image in particular in full color, as this can remember the place that this photo was taken. The color aspect also adds an aspect of unity and innovation.
  • I would say that this photo is particularly busy. The reason why is that with the big red bus in motion, people talking and walking with each other in motion.
  • In this particular photo, the photographer could possibly be both standing up or crouching down. The reason being is since the height of the lens top does not exactly match with the lid of the bus, we can infer that it is possible that the subject was probably crouching.
  • Since not everything is exactly in focus, we can infer that the photographer had a chance and did not stay entirely still, as the blur motion of the cars and character resemble movement and thus the photographer probably had to walk around to capture that one right shot
  • In this shot, the photographer utilized a narrower lens, as not a lot of picture and content is captured within the canvas.
  • If I had to give this photo a name, it would be “Red Street”. Since the focal point and also subordinate unit were mostly red, this captured the audience’s attention
  • Is there any meaning, in particular, the location that this photo was set in? “where was this photo taken place?”

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