Hutong Photo Day Plan of Action

  1. What photographer inspires you the most

A photographer that inspires me a lot would be Vladimir Milivojevich

    2. What is it about their photos that you like?

An aspect of his photos that I like a lot would be the style of city life and street life he focuses on. When mainly shooting in black and white, in a way, without the color, the subjects tell a much deeper story. This is achieved by having the subject directly looking into the lens. Also going by the name of Boogie, he tends to “shine a light on overlooked things”, such as people doing drugs, children being left on the street.

3. Post some examples and plan out how you will adopt this style?

I will try to adopt this style by mainly shooting in black and white, and at the same time, turn down the aperture. This would result in the whole frame to be the focus, allowing not only the subject but also the background to tell a story.

4. What do you hope to accomplish for tomorrow?

I hope to take photos that would result in a similar story and theme. Although this may be difficult, as the setting and environment are drastically different. Another thing that I will try to accomplish is to have a series of photos that links up and all together tell a united meaning.


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