Street Photography Portfolio

Title: “Work Days”

This photo was chosen as one of the final 5 out of the hundreds of photo mainly because of the framing and the composition of the shot. Firstly, the shot strictly follows the traditional ruling of the “rule of thirds”, as the main subject, is placed and framed towards the near center of the shot, allowing the direct attention to be towards the man and the bike, and not to the background. Along with the extra emphasis on the man and the bike, the composition of the photo also really stands out. When looking at the foreground and the background, each element compliments each other really well as one adds on to the central theme that the photo conveys, and that is: ” A typical workday that Chinese male go through on a day to day basis”.

This photo was actually part of 20 other similar shots towards the same subject, but framed and positioned differently. When taking photos, I would often refrain from taking the shot vertically, as I believe that capturing it vertically loses a lot of its emphasis on the background, however, when taking the shot in a vertical view, it allows the emphasis to really be on the subject and allows it to shine among the other elements.

When having the chance to take this photo again, I wouldn’t really change much of the photo, as I feel like the framing and composition of this photo is well done to a point where it does not require much improvement. Perhaps, an increase in aperture would help, as it would help blur the background a little bit more, thus, sharpening the subject.


Title: “Home to All”

This photo was selected as one of the final 5 photos because of mainly the framing and shadows. When looking at street photography, it is really rare that the whole canvas would be focused on a building, as street photography mainly places its focus on the people and the emotions that they bring towards the piece. But through especially photos like this, it can still convey themes and stories simply through clean and easy objects and housing organization, showing the typical “life” of a Chinese person and what their living situation really looks like. Adding one, when looking at the framing, it follows the rule of thirds, as we can see the “light” in the picture is mainly framed toward the center of the canvas, allowing the main focus to be towards the objects within the “light”. Secondly, I really like how the shadows reflected by the light on certain objects such as the barred windows, bikes and etc provide an interesting and nostalgic view towards the whole photo

When taking this shot, this photo was out of 2 of the photos I had of this scenery, as I did not think this photo would make a good story. However, when looking back and selecting photos, I realized that this photo particular stood out, and by changing this photo to black and white, it really allows the shadows within the piece to shine.

When taking this photo again, a possible improvement I could make towards the photo would be decreasing the aperture, as this allows the whole picture to be more focused, thus making everything extra crispy and detailed.

Title: “Good Old Days”

This particular photo was chosen as the final 5 mainly because of the composition and framing. Firstly, when looking at the composition, this is an example of where the background compliments and adds on to the foreground really well. When looking at the lady at the back riding the back, it adds on to the richness of the photo as she is doing the same exact thing as the main riding the bike. When looking at the framing, although this shot does not particularly follow the traditional rule of thirds, the positioning of the old man still allows the photo to convey the central message of the old Chinese “retired” lifestyle.

When taking this shot, I was actually in motion and was not expecting this shot to turn out this well. With the high shutter speed setting set in my camera, I was able to capture the frozen crisp moment of the old man riding its bike, along with the women in the bike riding in an opposite direction.

If I had a chance to take this photo again, a possible action I could take would be getting closer to the subject, this way, the emphasis would be more on the old man, and by having the shot closer, it could possibly portray the texture of the old man a lot better.

Title: “Miles Away”

The particular photo was chosen mainly because of the composition, and also the story it could have told behind this photo. Even though not all shots are supposed to follow the rule of thirds, I feel like particularly in this shot, utilizing the traditional method of thirds actually allows the emphasis to be more on the old man and him playing the flute, rather than the background. Along with the emphasis of the old man, this photo also falls under the theme of “China’s past, present, and future” really well as it conveys the old Chinese past culture, as shown through the old man playing the flute. Overall, this photo was a great representation of old traditional Chinese lifestyle and really resembles the culture they embodied during the early ages.

This photo was out of a series of similar photos taken of the same man, as when seeing the man playing the flute, it immediately caught my attention as I knew this would be a great photo showing china’s past. Through this photo, it showed the benefits of taking multiple shots of the same thing, as although it may feel like you are just wasting memory, each shots slight tilt or framing may really show out at the end when picking photos.

If I had a chance to take this photo again, I would approach this shot in another interesting view, possibly a view showing the face of the man. As having the back of a person as the main object of the canvas can get repetitive and boring at times.


Title: “Pals to Work”

This photo was selected into the final 5 because of its composition, framing, and focus. When looking at the composition firstly, the following of the rule of thirds really allow the main subject, the workers to shine among the other elements in the canvas. Along with that, the framing, with how the foreground being flowers, the mid-ground being the workers provides an interesting view as normally the main subject would not be in the mid-ground of the shot. To add on, the although the flower was the object within the foreground layer, the main focus of the camera was still towards the worker, and when looking at this photo, with the flower blurred in the front, and the workers focused in the middle layer, provides an artistic and interesting view to the photo.

This photo was taken through a series of similar shots. One cool aspect about this photo is that it allowed me to see the benefits of having the subjects faces exposed in the photo, as the physical representations of emotion that each character embodies really adds on to the central theme and story really well.

When taking this photo, some possible aspects of i could improve on would be the positioning. If I could have gone closer towards the subjects, then this would make the photo much more complete as the emphasis on the workers would increase, and when having a closer shot towards the subjects, aspects such as texture, pattern and lines start to emerge more clearly.

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