“The shock-clock is wining down, the warriors are losing by 2, will they be able to win? TIMEOUT! called by the warriors. only 5 seconds left, Draymond passes to Ryan, he shoots for 3 to win the gammmeeee…. AND HE MAKES IT!!!!  THE CROWD HAS GONE WILLD! THEY HAVE WOOON THE FINNALSSS!!

Hi, my name is Ryan, as you can see, i am deeply in love with basketball sports team, the Golden State Warriors, and my favorite player is Stephen Curry.  Over his career, he has scored 11,089 points! I am 13 years old, and i was born in Hong Kong. 5 years later, our whole family moved to beijing. From there on, i have lived for a total of 8 years. I came to ISB at 3rd grade, and now im in 8th grade! Some of my hobbies are basketball, biking, and many other more. My favorite type of writing are journaling, descriptive and also persuasive. Sometimes for book reports, i would some comment sharing websites to see other peoples thought and opinion on a certain book.


8th grade is the last year of middle school! Enjoy it while you can!