Leader of the Century?



Smart, courageous, charming and strong are all traits that describe the main protagonist of the story “Hunger” by Michael Grants.

This is the magazine cover that I created for the main character, The main protagonist, Sam temple is a 15-year-old boy that is a leader of one the FAYZ group. The FAYZ stands for “Fallout Alley Youth Zone”. in the story, everyone over the age of 15 magically disappears and there is a wall separating the kids under the age of 15. In the book, there is mainly 2 different groups. There areCain’s group and also Sam’s group. During the story, both groups struggle for resources such as having a stable supply of food and electricity.

I chose to have use Sam temple as my main character on my magazine cover because I feel like that this character contributes a lot to what happens to the story. For example, because of Sam temple, there is a conflict between him and his brother, Caine Temple. The way that I used to illustrate the character was by using the app sketchbook and by tracing the outline of the real picture, I was able to produce a cartoon drawing of Sam Temple. Inside the book, sam temple is described as tan skin, brown hair with streaks of blond and also sky blue eyes. One of the main rules that Sam follows by is “Don’t tell me we have a problem and I can’t do anything about it”. (Grants, 68) He believes that there is some type of solution to any problem. In this book, the leader (Sam temple) was facing a huge test. It was either to free 2 hostages or keep having electricity or food for everyone. But “What is it you want, Caine? (334) all Caine wanted was a victory. Adding on to that, he was too careless to know that he was secretly being surrounded.

I chose to make my cartoon magazine cover based on Sam Temple’s personal traits, appearances, and characterization. I thought that these 3 things would be essential to capture the reader’s attention, and just by reading these 3 quotes, you can already know the basic conflict that will happen within the story. I also added 2 important quotes that i think represents this leader throughout the story, and by adding all these 3 important components to the magazine cover, I think I have mad a great magazine cover for my main character, Sam Temple.