monkey’s paw

The setting in “Monkey’s paw” creates a lonely mood.”Of all the wet, isolated places this is certainly the worst the path is a bog and the road’s a river, but I suppose people don’t care because only 2 houses in the road are occupied”(Jacob,1). After reading this quote, I would feel isolated. This is because since only 2 houses in the road are occupied, that meant that they didn’t have a full neighborhood to interact and socialize with. Adding on to that, it would also be arduous for people to visit them since the path is difficult to get through. Another quote that reveals the mood is” Having buried their son in a huge cemetery two miles away, the old couple came back to a house full of shadow and silence”(4).In the graveyard, before the White’s left, they took a last glance at Herbert’s picture. Before Herbert died, the house was full of cheerful noises, and his parents thought that he was insensible and rude. But after the death of Herbert, Mr. White and Mrs. White had realized that they actually missed the pointless jokes that Herbert had made before. This quote in one way teaches us to treasure the things beside us, because you will never know when it will be gone.  As days past, she would remember the day that she felt aghast when they said that her son was dead. At the same moment, the White’s has realized that granting wishes, the monkey’s paw gave wishers deadly consequences. After feeling lonely because of Herbert’s death, the white’s thought that it was unquestionably hopeless the Herbert would be alive again.

The setting in “Monkey’s paw” create a hopeless mood. “But the days passed and their expectation changed to resignation. They hardly talked – they had nothing to talk about now – and their days were long and empty”(4). This quote showed a hopeless mood because they knew that they would never get their son back. Until they found out they could use the monkey’s paw to revive his son. But in this short story, the author never revealed the ending of a story. So we never knew if Herbert came back or not.


Based upon seeing all these quotes, we can see that the setting in the “Monkey’s paw” creates a lonely and hopeless mood.