Polymer project journal entry #3

Some physical characteristics that we wanted our polymer to have was that it was modable, not very sticky and also bouncy. Will Gelatin, we only managed to check off 1 of the criteria, and that was being bouncy. The Gelatin was getting sticky over time and was not moldable at all. We showed our prototype polymer and the problems that we faced to Ms. Cox, and she suggested us to use Gloop. Some characteristics that gloop had was that it was moldable, not sticky and was also bouncy. This was one of the polymer we found very useful, so we decided to use Gloop instead of Gelatin. To test to see if our new polymer was good, we tried applying pressure to it, to mimick the situation when your hands were on your bike. After going through all these test, both me and my partner concluded that Gloop would be the best base polymer to use.img_0529