In this slogan, a British man is holding a cup of tea and the text is “All I want is money, tea, and land, and that’s it” This explains at that time of moment, what the English wanted, and through this picture we can see actually what started the Opium war. English’s desire for tea. After losing most of the money from trading with China, the English had to find a way to resume trading without using any further money, and they found an answer. It was Opium. They would smuggle the Opium into China, and people there would give them boxes of tea. So the motivation that the English had to start the Opium war was the desire and demand of Tea.




1ciu09I Chose to use these words from a Chinese perspective. Based on their point of view, I thought of what they would say about the opium war and the English and based on what I thought they would say, I included it inside my slogan. From my point of view, it was almost that the Chinese hated the English so much that they refused anything that the English had offered to them. They thought that the English were rude because they have never done anything harmful to the English, and yet, the English are attacking them. They also didn’t like the English because they were smuggling drugs into their country, making everyone addicted to it, and at the same moment, that lead their military forces to weaken, which meant that they were a vulnerable target for any other countries. In this slogan, it shows the hate in both opium and the English, and how that no country shall ever control China.