What will happen when they meet again?


For this book, Lies, by Michael Grants, I chose to make a movie poster. Firstly, I hand drew both characters on these movie posters so hopefully, the readers can understand that the main conflict in the book is between these 2 brothers. Beneath the 2 characters, i sort of wrote a hook/question, hoping that i could make the readers interested into this book/movie.


In this book, same temple is described as tan, and blonde haired. But Caine his brother, is desribed has red haired. Thats why in my drawings, i included both of the c=characters feautres. In this book, Sam discovers a secret that he hasnt told anyone else. The person that tried to kill him was actually still alive, and he was fleeing from everything else. Sam tries to persue this guy and battle him. This time, all of the kids in FAYZ are faced with a huge test. Are they all desperate enough to believe that death will set them free? After reading this book, i have came into an conclusion, and that is Sam Temple is indeed a nice guy. This is supported by the quote “Brittney…’ Sam said, helpless.” (Grants 464). What this quote was showing that even knew the only chance to get the ghost destroyed is to kill britney, he chose not to kill brittney because he knew that Brittney was just another inocent girl, and the monster controlling her had nothing to do with her. Another quote that supports what im saying is that “Breeze,’ Sam said. ‘Rope. Chains. A lot of it. Whatever you can find. Now!” (464) This time, the reason i put this quote is because he knew that he could have killed the monster, but that meant that he also had to kill an innocent girl. Instead of saving everyone from this vicious monster, he chose to trap and tie ropes around Brittney (Inocent girl) so they can later figure out on how to get the monster out of Brittney.


I chose to make this movie poster based on the main conflict in the book, because i believe that the climax of this story is interesting enough to make the readers interested into reading and watching this movie.