Writen blogpost

“Would my parents ever be back?” “Would there ever be a time that everything will be back to normal?” These are all questions that childrens in the fayze would ask themselves.

I especially liked this book (Lies) ending/resolution because it gives a chance for the readers to udnerstand the characters more. For example, it showed that sam temple was actually a nice hearted and determined boy. One of his friends ( Brittney) was being controlled by a monster inside her. Everyone told Sam that the only way to solve this problem was to actually kill Brittney so the monster would also die. But Sam didnt want to kill an innocent girl befcaue he knew that Brittney was innocent. ” How long you think we can keep this up?” (Grants 468)Instead Sam temple chose to lock Brittney down in the basement, while they brainstorm plans that could be used to get the monster out of Brittney.” I dont know man, I guess we take it day by day” (471) I thought that the author (Michael Grants) was espicially smart because he wanted people to finish the book, thats why he placed all the character analysis and other important imformation at the end, that way the reader would have to finish the whole book to know all these information.

Secondly, this one personally one of my favorite books so far beacuse it gives you a lot of climax. Which makes you excited to read the book. Also, at the end of the book, it puts important character into test so the reader would know what ways would the character would use to solve the problem. One of the problems that Sam Temple was facing that the person trying to kill him (caine), somehow didnt die from the nuclear plant explosion, now it is haunting Sam Temple day and night which caused Sam temple to be unfocused on what he does. This later on the story majorly affects his performance and espicially problem solving skills.