"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein



the Rome one. its audiences are the people who want to travel to somewhere but have not yet decide where to go to. the purpose of this brochure is to convince them to travel to Rome.


it talk about many details of Rome like the location and the weather, so people who dont know Rome can have a better idea. it also talk about the history of Rome, which can attract people who are interested in world history

letter academic cover letter sample


the audience of this letter is the hiring manager of the company that you want to go to. and the purpose of this letter is to apply for a position.

the letter is separate into three part,  education background, personal experience and working experience, it make the letter more organized and easier to read. the writer also used alot of words like please , thankyou look forward to and enjoy

News-Jumping Spider Mothers Secrete Milk-Like Substance to Feed Their Offspring


the audiences of this new are the people that interested in science but not a biologist or someone in this field. the purpose of this passage is to educate

this passage listed many fact about the jumping spider, but did not go really specific or deep. the passage also did not use any hard term. the paragraphs in this passage are also short which make it easier to read

Reflection on Identity

In this class I learn how to give a good speech and how to write in different text type. I am most interested in the subcultures because it is more about the identity of individuals with more details and characteristic. I am also really interested in the fiction story to be or not to be, because literature is presenting identity in a very different way than others. What surprise me in this class is the stereotypical view of China in the western country, although those videos and advertisements are made in a few years ago, the view are still too wrong.   I want to learn more about the subcultures, because I want to learn more about my own identity, and subculture is the one that is the most specific to individual compares to the other four. The awareness of identity is important because it can remind you who you are, where you belong to and even your goal. In this class I learn a lot of new vocabulary like the name of subcultures, and many words from the reading test we had but I don’t have them here, so I can’t put them up now.



I made code that required two input , one is the message that you want to encrypt, another one is the key. the code will encrypt the message according to the key. you can also use the encrypted message and the key to find out the original message.

the code can only for code that contains only capital letters, and the key can’t be longer than  the message.  I will try to make the code work for all letters later

Final product

final product.

the final product is kind of similar to the original picture, but the mountain is slightly different in shape. and the random trees is all in the wrong places.

i failed to make it more detail, because i can’t find a way to make it better. the water i used the orange and yellow color first, but it become hard to recognize , so i change the color to blue.


my inspiration is from the desktop, because it is a really  beautiful picture and doesn’t looks too hard.

i want to make the different color in different layer, and overlap them so they  only reveal the part that i want. at last some tree randomly place on the mountain.

the difficult part is to draw it more detail and beautiful.


the inspiration is from a, random thing in the game, i try to make it more realistic and more stereoscopic, but it gets too complicated and i decided to make it simpler.

i first changed the background color. the original color is the color of reed, i changed it into a color more like mud.

then i tried i try to make the stone. the original stone was too bright and too colorful, so i add shade and reduce color changes.

the grass was the same coding, but different color and repeat more times. the color change isn’t clear.

turtle art analyse


First filled the background with brown color

A layer of reed –repeat with random x y , and random arc/radius and random color i

the birds are draw separately, the body are draw using the increasing patterns, the shade and the pensize change as it move . eyes are dots, the legs are thicker lines.

lastly another layer of reed, using the same way to draw.

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