In this class I learn how to give a good speech and how to write in different text type. I am most interested in the subcultures because it is more about the identity of individuals with more details and characteristic. I am also really interested in the fiction story to be or not to be, because literature is presenting identity in a very different way than others. What surprise me in this class is the stereotypical view of China in the western country, although those videos and advertisements are made in a few years ago, the view are still too wrong.   I want to learn more about the subcultures, because I want to learn more about my own identity, and subculture is the one that is the most specific to individual compares to the other four. The awareness of identity is important because it can remind you who you are, where you belong to and even your goal. In this class I learn a lot of new vocabulary like the name of subcultures, and many words from the reading test we had but I don’t have them here, so I can’t put them up now.