The novel I have been reading is Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro, and I have get to near the end of the novel. There is not much question that I want ask at this point because that it is getting toward the end and have just reveal the truth behind Hailsham,  it actually have just answer my questions, such as why was students’ art work so important and what is the purpose of the gallery. Since this novel is science fiction, it is not very close to my life, but there is a lot ethical consideration or choice about ethic in the process of learning, so it is somewhat close to our life.  i predict that the story will not have a happy ending at the last, i think Kath and Tommy will try to enjoy the rest of their time, but as Tommy’s forth donation come they will have to leave each other, Tommy probably wont be able to survive though the fourth donation. The novel uses clone that were used in the medical sciences as its protagonist, and just by telling story of their normal life make me realized that, even if they were create just for experiment or medical use, it is still kind of inhumane to do so. And even though the protagonist all understand and accepted their fate, it still does not make the story easy.