Today we had a long discussion about war and neutral… Finally, we decided we are not going to be neutral.. We are going against the HACKERS!!!!! Then, we voted on if we should attack today or tomorrow. Most of the people voted for today, so we decided we would go today. Suddenly Grayson yelled “I FOUND DIAMOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I was so surprised. A few minutes pasted and Grayson and Devon actually foung the base of the Hackers! Then, they just stole the stuff from the chest! That moment I was feeling groovy… But, I realized that now they are going to revenge but since they do not know who it is, they would do it on every village!!! I felt happy and worried and the same time…… I think since it is OUR responsibility, we would have to help villages fight other people…

Hackers on the Loose!

Today we first sat on the carpet and talked about jobs to do for protecting Cobbleville from the Hackers! Then, we selected jobs to do. My job was to build the walls and the guard tower. When we went on Minecraft we started our jobs. But then, a hacker called Catch me if you can started killing us! Since he/she was on creative, he/she killed us in a second or two! Then I quickly hid in the basement. But, I realized it wasn’t that safe! So I had to go in the safe house before the hacker could get me. Finally I arrived at the safe house and I was safe!

Today in Minecraft

Today we first saw a movie about governance on brainpop. Then, we discussed about adding a council. Most of us said that we won’t need a new member because we had enough people. Then, when I went on minecraft I was surviving carefully because I only had a half heart left. When I was buying stuff I was starting to starve! So I bought steak. But i click the wrong button too many times that I actually bought 1o steak then ate them so now I have full live and food!  Next, I went to see how the ranch building process was going. They had already finished without a gate so I put one on. The exiting new is that we have 2 baby pigs and 2 fully grown pigs in our ranch!!!!!

Today in Minecraft

Today Mr.Stadham taught us how to use the money plug-in. We learned how to make a chest shop, sell stuff and how you buy stuff. Then, we had a discussion in our families about the famine. Our village is right now having a big famine. Fortunately Mr. Stadham made a chest shop with some cooked beef (Steak) in it. So right now, I have enough energy. The thing that went well is that the famine kinda stopped because of Mr. Stadham’s shop.  Also, I heard that Devon and the hunting group got 5 pigs in a small hole for breeding!!!!!! Tomorrow I am going to start building our ranch and getting fences from Angela so we can start.

Today in Minecraft

Today we sat the carpet to start as usual. Then, we talked about jobs. I was going to the village so I thought of teleporting. So I decided I should teleport. I decided that because I had to finish my house and the walls for the village. When I arrived at my house I started working on the third floor of our house. I was quite amazed how our house looked like outside. But, it was getting dark…….. I couldn’t finish our house. I think I HAVE TO finish the third floor tomorrow.

Minecraft on April 30th

Today we first sat on the carpet and we got jobs to do. Also Ms. Mc announced that we had money in minecraft. I chose to be a farmer and a wall builder for the village. When we went on Minecraft we started on the tall wool thing so It took me a long time to go to the village. So when it was getting dark, I went to a near by village and waitEd till day. Right now, I am still at the village so I think I have to get going to our village as fast as we can so I can help.

Minecraft on April 29th

Today in minecraft we didn’t do minecraft cause it is not about it. So we sat on the red carpet and talked about the heads of families and councils. In our family I am the head. Sarah and I wanted to be the head so I suggested we should do rock paper scissor shoot and I won! And the councils were Eric, Samantha and Devon. Angela which is the mayor chose them.


Our plan for today is to make three safe/public house for Cobble Ville so people can use it for emergencies like, running from monsters, hunger or other uses. We will have chests in every house we make and inside it will have armors, food and other stuff for the people. And when they use the armor they MUST PUT IT BACK. So we will put a sign of rules for the safe-public house.


Today I completed my plan by completing the public house’s roof. And also , Our family added 2 floors to the house. Mynn and Lilly are using the 2nd floor, Sarah and I are using the 3rd floor and our whole family shares the basement. But right now we didn’t finish so Sarah and I sleep at the basement.


These days, our class started a new unit about governance so we are using Minecraft. We were divided in to families. My family members are Sarah, Mynn, Lilly and me. On the first day we made a small 3 by 3 house (more like a shack) made out of wood. Then, we started building a big basement by digging the floor. Next, we started building our surviving tools like, crafting table, swords, pickaxes and furnace. Then, I went mining for cobble stone and I found 14 blocks of cobble stone.

After a few days, our family started to think about making the house bigger. So we made one more room. Then, our whole class had a discussion about a mayor. We voted and Angela is the mayor! Our village is now called Cobble Ville.