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Week 1 The outsider

In this first week, I read the first 35 pages of “The Outsiders.”

The story’s main character is Ponyboy, and the story proceeds from his first-person point of view.

He describes his gang, greaser, members. There are Darry, Soda, Two-Bit, Steve, Dally, etc.

I was surprised that the characters in the novel are only between middle school students and 25 years old, but they seem familiar with weed or blades. This effectively shows the atmosphere of the 1960s in Oklahoma.

The setting of the novel is Tulsa, Oklahoma in the 1960s.  Since I only read 40 pages, so I am not sure, but this setting implies that there will be severe conflicts between Greaser and Socs which is the rival gang of the greaser.

I love that this story has many attractive characters and an interesting plot between greaser and socs, but I think it is somewhat difficult to memorize all characters’ name and their characteristics. There are so many characters and some of them have very similar names to each other, so memorizing all of them will take time.

I am really looking forward to reading the remainder of the book. I think there will be other conflicts with socs and greaser and also inside of greaser. But I cannot expect what the ending of this book will be, so I am really curious how the author proceeds this story

3 types of document

  1. Article-
  2. Target audiences: soccer fans, especially Hotspurs fans
  3. Purpose: Let audiences know that Tottenham Hot Spurs appointed Jose Mourinho instead of Mauricio Pochettino.
  4. Structure: Author, Date, Cite twitter, Subscribe button, Pictures of two coaches, Title, Menu, Link
  5. Language: Quotation, Semi-formal or Formal language


  1. Column-
  2. Target audiences: soccer fans, especially Manchester United fans
  3. Purpose: Deliver author’s idea to soccer fans, analyze MU and Solskjaer current situation
  4. Structure: Title, Picture of Solskjaer, Subheading, Author profile, News link, Recommended news, Cite twitter, Another news,
  5. Language: Informal language(it’s, bollocks), rhetorical question(what’s wrong in him having pride in his hometown, the place where his football obsession started?


  1. Essay-
  2. Target audiences: Teacher who will evaluate this essay, Students looking for essay template
  3. Purpose: Show his idea to audiences or teachers.
  4. Structure: 4 paragraphs, Author profile,  Title, Date, Share buttons, Place for comments, Similar articles
  5. Language: Formal, Using transitions to organize the essay, Speak from the first person’s point of view, Use capital words to emphasize(NO TEAM EFFORT)

Reflection on Identity

In English B class, we mainly discussed identity, the relationship between identity and several subjects and various text types. Before this class, I didn’t know what identity exactly means and the word ‘subculture’. I had a foggy idea about identity, but I couldn’t explain it to others. But now, I can say what I am composed of and explain the definition to others. Also, I didn’t know what subculture correctly means. I thought it is a kind of hobby. In the subculture, there are a lot of things such as skinhead, steampunk. Subcultures can be divided by physical, clothing, ideology, hobby and so on. This thing makes me interested in it. It is a smaller section of a bigger culture, not a kind of hobby. Also, I learned about the types of literature. In Korea, I also learned these things, but I was surprised that there are 8 types of literature and all of them make sense. Every movie and novel are based on those types. Next to this topic, I learned about metaphor, personification, simile. Actually, I learned these grammatical things in Korea, but it was my first time to study in English. So, I really want to know more about English grammatical stuff.

Knowing about identity is quite important to everyone. Identity is something makes me different from others and represents me. There are a number of subjects in identity like language, culture, nationality, friends. In fact, all the things around me can be our identity. So, if I know what I’m consisted of, I can be confident, become a special being, have a sense of ownership.

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