Patrick Super Star

Sponge Bob

In the episode, Patrick Star, who is a lazy-pink starfish, feels boring with his current situation and hopes to get a job. He watches a lot of job advertisement on television, however, none of those works can inspires him successfully. As he turns off the TV and starts to wander around, he steps on a superman toy coincidentally. Thus, the idea of being a super hero and save the world comes to his mind. He sees himself as a representative of justice and goes to outside to maintain order (actually massing around). Then he arrests a bunch of innocents unconsciously, trying to defeat evil actually becomes to create disasters. Citizens are getting mad at him since his childish behaviours disrupt the public so much. However, Patrick Star feels the threat indeed, and finally exposes the Sucks-bubble monster which has been hiding in an old woman’s appearance all the time. He blows up the bubble by using a debris of tableware and save all the consumers who are having meal. People now are really appreciate about what he did for them and he becomes a honourable super-Patrick Star as he wish.

Commit suicide by being corrupt

On August 30, 1903, Lawrence Exeter bought some baby stuff.

His baby was born 3 days after that, in Hollywood Hospital

On October 3, 1903, the baby got sick and Lawrence Exeter took him to Dr. David M. McCoy.

The boy, named Lawrence Exeter Jr, enrolled in a school on October 6, 1909

6 years later, he joined the Columbia Military Academic at the age of 12 and came back after 6 years.

September 3, 1921. Lawrence Exeter bought a new car for his family

Later on, he went to Stanford University.

The family went to France.

On November 22, 1926 Lawrence Exeter paid Junior an absurdly large amount of money.

Then Junior started to squander his money and write checks carelessly.

He got a seedy relationship with the people surrounded, he spent a lot of money for women

Therefore, he involved in a few legal issues.

At the end, he went to hospital on July 5, 1931

Junior passed away after 10 days because of ineffective treatment

Coincidentally, the doctor who failed to save him this time, was the son of Dr. David M. McCoy which was his doctor 28 years ago.