Hope is a good thing

Imagine that you’re a wealthy banker succeeding on Wall Street. One day you figure out that your married wife is in love with a golf coach, the wrath of being betrayed by the person you love the most arouses you the idea of killing. You straight out of your house as if you lose your mind, you arrive at the golf club, open the door, shocked by the two-twisted corpse lying on the bed. You are not the murder, or you’re not even be able to kill them, but now you are accused a whole-life sentence in a dark-hopeless prison. You clearly know you’ve been set up, you know you’re innocent even though none of your cellmates will not trust your words, you know they ruin your whole life and deprive the best of you. Would you still keep your hope and faith, dreaming about the life after your “impossible” release? To Andy, the protagonist of Shaw-shank redemption, the answer was YES.

“Hope is a good thing”, once he said. No matter how everything went on, he always kept himself on the right track, seeing things from the positive way. The calm appearing on the surface, accompany with the storm roaring in his innermost.

The mild pet sitting by the warden’s side, who seemed to be afraid of changing the present state, suddenly vanish forever with million dollars without even noticed by the darkness in his room. Then on the very next day, all of the blooded-crime proof of the people who once represented justice were on the head title of the newspaper, the truth that related to warden’s corruption was reveal completely to the public. At the end, Andy was free, he lived on the island where no more trouble could get into his world.

Coincidently, Edmond Dante, who used to be a carefree young man but eventually has been forced to become a celebrity filled by vengeance. Dante’s rival set him up to the jail and took everything away from the poor-innocent convict. The guy who made Dante’s life a tragedy carelessly forgot to take one thing from him, the hope. With the hope, Dante successfully escaped from the prison and survived from those ensuing disasters. He found the treasures told by the priest he met in the prison, and finally paid all the villains and kind people back.

To both Andy and Dante, hope is their only salvation. Whether is the hope that kept them alive or endowed them the idea of revenging, hope is the most-motivated thing for their ambitions. It helps them to overcome the difficulties that came at infinitely, to empowered Andy to get all the way through the 40 inches wall made of stone and pebbles, to endue Dante the intelligence to find ways to have all the things that his enemies robbed from him back and destroy the properties didn’t belong to them invisibly……

” Remember, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.

Your friend, Andy “.


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