McDonald’s future is going to change?

Everybody knows that the sales of McDonald’s are going lower than ever because of how it isn’t healthy. Chicago McDonald’s is currently facing the protests from workers for higher wages, and the criticism of its healthiness. Due to all these, McDonald’s is deciding to make some major changes; but the McDonald’s is worldwide and in different parts of the world, McDonald’s is making different changes. Likewise, another fast-food shop — Wendy’s, is facing the same issues, and are deciding on using the same solutions as McDonald’s, which suggests that not only McDonald’s are in trouble but other fast-food restaurants as well. Reporters interviewed a few staff of McDonald’s and found out that they weren’t being paid enough. Salgado, a worker at McDonald’s said she makes $8.35 per hour and will get a raise to $10 in July under the city’s new minimum. Thus, suggesting that McDonald’s is not paying its employees well.

I think that the workers in McDonald’s are not getting paid enough. If they only get paid $8.35 per hour they won’t be able to support their own family, and of course not even themselves. This is unfair, and less people would want to work for McDonald’s, and if people quit their job McDonald’s might collapse. I strongly agree on how McDonald’s realizes how things are not going well and anticipate on how its going to change, if I had the power, I would alternate McDonald’s so it is much healthier but still as good as it is now. Then, McDonald’s is going to have so much more customers and paying its employees won’t be a problem.


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  1. A well-chosen article. There are so many problems with fast food. The most obvious one is that it is usually so unhealthy – just look at how obese so many people are today! Another problem is that the people who work in fast food restaurants do not earn enough money to support their families. Big problems and you explain them well!

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