For the first three weeks of school, I felt the songs we played to be a lot more relaxing and pretty easy to learn. I continued to bring my pencil case, music folder and of course my instrument. So when I practiced at home, I didn’t have to spend too much time on music we played in class, so I was able to put more attention to the dynamics, tone and sound quality of the song instead of the note and rhythm reading, as well as practicing more on my practicing book to improve my basic skills.  I goal for this year is to continue practicing every day and aim to improve my note reading, fingering, and rhythm this year. Furthermore, I am planning to challenge myself this year in band, by joining a performance a hospital performance a service class organized(my friend told me about it last year). This should improve my confidence as I have to play a solo.  Additionally, I will challenge myself this year by playing the first part instead of the second part in some pieces like last year. I was also hopping if we could play some anime themed song in band.