During the past seven month I have faced many uncertainties and challenges. However, the hardest situation I have faced would probably be coming back into China. Although in the past seven month I acquired many new skills and traveled around China, I would still say the biggest successes I had during this pandemic was spending quality time with my family. Academically wise in the past seven month I became more assertive/proactive. I set up zoom meetings and sent emails to teachers for clarity when needed. This would definitely be something I want to keep with me moving forward. I felt like during the coronavirus I improved a lot on my practice IO’s. I believe it was because I was being proactive, sending teachers my IO outline and asking for feedback. Last year was a very special year, there was a lot of hardships and success. However, thinking back to all the literal and non-literal text we covered, I still enjoyed learning our first unit the best. In the first unit we learned about China’s culture revolution. In it we got to analyze old propaganda posters, read the little seamstress and watch “To Live”. I think I enjoyed that unit the best because we were able to have many conversations and discussion about the texts as a class. My SMART goal for this year is too improve my writing skills. I will do this by reading more variety of literal text to improve my vocabulary and learn more ways to organize my commentaries.