• Actor – use of beautiful people, celebrity – appeal to ethos for credibility
  • Background – beach setting, luxury, relaxing, aligns with him describing hotel as “tranquility and peace”
  • Pink clothing – soft, warm tone, welcoming
  • “I’m a fan” – alludes to the logo of the hotel – play on words – motto/slogan
  • Attire – upper-class, classy, clean, put together, professional




  • Snob appeal – “got to hang out with the members of Queen after one of their gigs”
  • Appeals to ethos – stating achievements
  • Transfer – adjectives to describe his experience + relaxing image



Video 1

  • Non-diegetic sound – tropical sounds, bird chirping, ocean waves – white noise – adds to motif of relaxation
  • Plain folks – “I’m a fan of___” examples are all relatable, inspirational – appeals to pathos
  • Repetition, reiteration – “I’m a fan of__” to emphasize their slogan
  • Concludes with “I’m a fan of mandarin oriental” – recency effect, placed at the end so viewers remember it better
  • Salmon colored theme
  • Blurry background (adds to relaxing mood), focus on person – high quality, well-funded – reflects status and service of hotel
  • Person looks away, smiles, takes time to think, video is in one take – shows candidness which furthers sense of relatability and reliability



Video 2

  • Personal anecdote – about his acting job, how he got to meet Queens
    • All related to hotel – needing a place to rest after long day of work + opportunities to meet idols – creating “remarkable” memories
  • Non-diegetic sound – classical piano music (high class)
  • Camera angle and scenery changes – visual variety and examples of activities to capture audience’s attention
  • Recency effect – tied all personal anecdotes together, and related it to hotel



Video 3

  • Montage – piecing together snippets of videos to show hotel – tour
  • Non-diegetic sound – upbeat jazz music – different to previous 2 videos
  • Use of blue (calm color), ocean, sky – reoccurring visuals to emphasize motif of peace
    • Examples of activities to engage in – very luxurious (boats, personal pool, bonfire, member/VIP bar – happy hour)
  • Time – morning/noon to evening
  • Background is blurry in bar scene to create ambiguity – a sneak peek; idea that you need to come here to see it for yourself
  • Ending scene is symmetrical – sense of harmony and aesthetics + sunset view
    • Contrast in shade, light, emphasizes sunset
  • Purple suit reoccurs – color is a symbol of royalty, luxury, elegant, riches



All three videos

  • Reiterate motif of relaxation and luxury, both associated with the hotel
    • Seen through scenery (beach getaway), music, time of day filmed (sunny, evening sunset), candid videos, attire (looks sharp)
  • Film technique – cross-cutting (cut away from one action to another, suggest two actions occurring at the same time), wide-shot