The names of the articles and the reasons to choose them:

  1. How to Make Efficiency a Habit: The article brings awareness toward the importance in efficiency of “Do less but do more”.
  2. How Mental Illness Closes Down Our Minds: It helps students bring awareness towards keeping a healthy mental state for more efficient studying.
  3. How to Go to Bed Earlier: The article persuades readers to sleep earlier to increase productivity.
  4. What Love Really Is – and Why It Matters: The variety of human impulsive scenarios is used to highlight how easy people in modern days would fall in love out of lust and loneliness. The article purpose is for readers to learn to appreciate the true value of love.
  5. How Often Do We Need to Go to Parties?: This is a common question young adults and teenagers these days face. Due to peer pressure, they often make regretful choices. The article’s slow pace calms the reader down by questioning the causes and reasons to run away from responsibilities.
  6. The Dangers of the Good Child: The article argues the danger of conforming to expectations to an extent that it suggests that putting more effort into achieving someone else’s expectations may not satisfy our own will.
  7. You Could Finally Leave School!: I am personally interested in this one as we seniors are graduating this year!
  8. How to Read Fewer Books: The title of the article was what first interested me. The article argues that instead of always broaching new material, re-reading might become crucial, the reinforcement of what we already know but tend so often to forget.