Article Title: Michelin 3 Star Found in a High School Cafeteria in Beijing


Beijing, China—In what students are calling “the new hotspot,” the International School of Beijing’s cafeteria, a private and privileged institution, is given Michelin 3 Stars.

Michelin Stars are hard to find; they are only awarded to restaurants that are perceived to be of high culinary merit. Now the International School of Beijing will be amongst the 137 in the world.

The cafeteria serves cuisines from all around the world, ranging from Japanese to Mexican to Italian. On a daily, 6 mouth-watering options are offered, personally crafted by the private chef and his team using fresh and organic ingredients for quality and health. Those who come to taste this luxury will go through a worthwhile 20-minute journey. Interacting with those in front and behind you to purchase your freshly cooked meals is a social experience like none other. The line snakes around the open space, going from the reservation stand to the dessert bar—what a sight!

Like how Michelin restaurant lists are annually renewed, this high school’s cafeteria annually surveys students. This process of seeking feedback to cater to its customers is just a sneak peek of its high-quality service. It goes without saying that students respond with such exhilaration and satisfaction. To capture their overall experience, students have responded with “standing in line is the best time to hear a stranger’s whole life story” and “I was finally motivated to start dieting.” And our all-time favorite: “what is that?!”

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