Through this month of practicing different pieces of music and practice music to improve the speed of my fingers. I felt like I can feel a huge improvement not only on the song that I am being assessed on but also my typing speed as well. I practiced every day and out of the 20 mins of my normal practice I took out 10 mins to practice to various pieces of music each day. I started from mainly scales and the practice book music7, and as time passed I was able to do the simple scales very well, I added more of the AMIS practice music. I also added in the music piece to get the fingering down before speeding up. I practiced each scale increased the speed by placing a metronome next to me when practicing. I would play at a slow speed, and when I am able to play at that speed without playing anything wrong 5 times in a row I would change the speed and play it faster.  Slowly I was able to play the song faster and faster.