If I could use one word to symbolize the previous semester I would say “Roller-coaster”. Why a roller- coaster you may ask, well, coming back to school after a whole semester of online learning was quite hard. I felt like it was definitely a roller-coaster of emotions, nervous, relaxing, confusing and so on.. Coming back to having class in person I felt like I was reconnecting with the world. After more than half a year of virtual school, and rarely talking to people in English, I started to stammer, unable to say full sentence without stopping. To say the truth, at that time I was quite nervous for my English IO practices and class discussions in general.  However, my speaking skills improved much faster than I thought, and I was back to I was before, everything finally calmed down.  But then right when this ended all the tests came piling on. I felt bombarded with questions of how to take the tests, how to review and all things I knew before. I was really quite a hectic time for me. This roller coaster of emotions lasted until mocks. And just when I thought everything was over, virtual learning returns…..