I’ve lived in China for eighteen years, and for those eighteen years I have been surrounded by its unalterable culture. In this society, one’s weight, wealth and skin tone are constantly scrutinized.  My older sister and I were raised in this extremely critical environment and our opinions and behavior were shaped overtime. Yet, after just one single semester at Barnard, everything about my sister’s attitude, outlook and behavior shifted. This being evident in the way she addressed others and how she viewed the world.


I observed my sister thoughtfully and quizzed myself about what I wanted from an education. After much contemplation, I’ve discovered that’s exactly what I want for myself too. I’m wondering about the potential for such an education and how those instrumental changes within me would have a flow on affect and be the catalyst for great change.


Barnard’s long history and reputation that has built on the shoulders of great women and remarkable educators. It is a place of acceptance. A place for women of different opinions to come together, impowering themselves and challenging themselves to live to their fullest. Curiosity is my natural disposition and I seek to be challenged in every way. I want to continue to stretch myself, challenge the lens in which I see the world, and take risks outside of my comfort zone. ‘Modes of Thinking’ offered as the basis for a curriculum has the range of foundational subject areas that could provide me with a solid education to do just that.


Barnard offers a surrounding for students like me to explore our own identity without fear of shame and judgment.  I desire to be part of a team to make a difference to others. That is why I would be proud to be a member of Barnard’s school community.