What I have learned:

Many specific features in different text types and how to decipher what is what. I find this to be very useful in the future when I start working/interning. I also learned how to structure our writings, I will use this structure when writing analytical papers.

What will I miss:

I will miss the information we learn in class.  The works we learn and writing paper 1s and paper 2s. Transformation project, presentations, IO practices, group  work and so on.

What will I always remember:

I will remember practicing writing our paper 1 and paper 2s in class and doing presentations. I will always remember the information we learn in class and use it in the future, in work and class.

What text stood out the most and why?

I think Liza Donnelly’s collection of work was the best and it stood out the most. It is a non-lit text type. This is because it was simple but had a very deep meaning.