Ashely, one of the main protagonist, in the book We are all Made of Molecules by Susin Nielsen is the cover girl of this magazine. Ashely is a typical teenage girl, the age of rebellion and lots of screaming. 14 is the age where we turn from a child to a teenager, it is one of the most complicated moments of life. This is the age where we try to find the new us, were the most important thing to a typical girl is gossip, popularity, and fashion. This is why for a typical 14-year-old such as Ashely, I thought it would be perfect for me to create a fashion magazine called Teen Gossip Magazine.

I put the title “Boost your Confidence” because Ashely is not humble at all, she knows she is pretty and is not afraid to own it. Although most of the time she has too much self-confidence and is unable to find anything wrong with herself, I believe she would be the ideal person to teach and help boost girls reading this to find more confidence in themselves. For example, when her friend Claudia complimented her and said their other friend was Lauren is like the poor man’s version of her, saying how Lauren was not as pretty nor as popular. Ashely responded by saying “If I am being totally one hundred percent honest, I would have to say that Claudia hit the nail on the head” (Nielsen 37).

I put “How to get to the top” in this magazine as well because Ashely is beautiful and she knows it. Ashely would be the perfect person to interview and get tips or ideas for this title. Even from a small age of 12, Ashely was able to use this special power of hers, to climb to the top of the social ladder. She quickly learned that her beauty gave her power and used it to her advantage; “practically one hundred percent immediately, I was perched right on top of the ladder” (73). Another way she stays on the top of the Social Ladder is by surrounding herself with people worse than her, making her look better; “Being around her always makes me feel good about myself because I’m always just a little bit better than her” (37).

I thought the title “How to stay at the top of the Social Ladder” would be perfect to put in this magazine because Ashely’s social status is quite high and she was able to maintain her place for over one year. Even though Ashely is popular and is admired by many people she doesn’t trust anyone. Ashely knows that being on the top of the social ladder meant she couldn’t really trust anyone, she believed that everyone wanted to be at the top and throw her down. For example, when Lauren, her best friend, wanted to buy a skirt she told her it looked bad on her because she thought even though, “They looked good on her. Really good. But I had to remember the social ladder” (75). She even hid the fact that her father was gay only because she was afraid that other people in the school and her “friends” would use that as a reason to kick her out of the top.

I put the title “How to be more Selfless” because it wouldn’t hurt for Ashely to learn how to be more selfless because Ashely is extremely selfish and she doesn’t care much about other people’s feeling. For example, when she yelled and screamed at Stewart her new brother she stomped upstairs. All she thought about was “Now I could hardly go back down and watch America’s next top model, which is only my favorite show of the week” (27). Not even considering what Stewart might be feeling. Plus, the only reason Ashely didn’t start yelling at Stewart right when she saw him was because she didn’t want to lose her allowance of that week to buy a skirt she really wanted.

I wrote the title “How to deal with a Nerdy Brother” because Ashely thought that having a brother like Stewart who is unable to read social signs and is a complete nerd, would threaten her place at the top. Ashely was heartless and used Stewart to her advantage. She tried locking him out of the house, tried ignoring him and even threatened him to not tell anybody about their relationship, saying, “if you wreck it for me, I swear I’ll kill you” (130). Eventually, she learned how to use her brother to her advantage, using him as a messenger between her and Jared, and also asking Stewart to invite Jared over as a friend when her parents are home so she wouldn’t get in trouble.