Yesterday was the 8th day of Minecraft.  When we got on, there was a sign that said, “137 will back you’ll never stop me” in front of the Town Hall. 137 stole the Town Hall chest, and then put a creeper spawner and a spider spawner.  Then he/she put all kinds of spawners on our village houses. He/she blew Corinne’s house up, and put all kinds of skeletons, creepers, spawners, and spiders in Ela and Ella’s house.  Then everyone was trying to help the village, rebuilding all types of things. Like our house, and the Town Hall.  At the end, we all saw that 137 change his name to another number and then changed it to Bandito.  Our class got damaged, same as 4SS’s and 4KM’s.

Last sessoin wast very intresting.