A Woman with Space Dreams – Race Dreams make the Top 100 for Mars Trip

Laura Smith-Velazquez has been dreaming of going into space since she was 8 years old. Every year she tries to become an astronaut for NASA, but never made it. But Smith-Velazquez might just get her chance to visit space. A Dutch group called Mars One chose her as a semi-finalist for a new kind of space mission. Mars One wants to build a colony on Mars by 2025, and the astronauts that are sent to mars will live in a colony and never return to Earth. About 200,000 people signed up, and Smith-Velazquez made it for the last 100 people. People that wanted to sign up had to make a video and study about Mars. Mars One says that they need people who are good at solving problems and bouncing back from challenges. Smith-Velazquez knows that her chances of getting to Mars are not very good, because there’s still a lot of problems the Mars One team hasn’t figured out yet. Such as Mars doesn’t have oceans, the temperature range is 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 21 degrees Celsius) in the sunshine and 100 degrees below zero at night. “How do you pack in enough supplies?” asked a scientist names Frank Summers. He also says that Mars One still needs to figure out how to make its own air, heat and oxygen on Mars, which is the one major problem they need to solve. Another problem is that the Mars One is having a hard time having people pay money to buy rockets and spaceships, because the materials are very expensive. Some people also think that the Mars One’s leader is not serious about this project, instead he’s busy making a TV show about it. “There’s a lot of risk, but there’s a lot of risk no matter what you do,” Smith-Velazquez said, “I’m willing to take that risk.”

The reason why I chose this article is because I heard that people could go to Mars if they chose to sign up.When I finished reading this article, I was wondering why the Mars One team wanted to send people to Mars, and why they thought it was going to work if they had so many questions and problems yet to solve? I also thought it was very interesting how so many people wanted to go to Mars. How did they make up their mind on leaving planet Earth forever? This was an interesting article.

Link to original article: https://newsela.com/articles/mars-finalist/id/8178/