Month: January 2018

PS Media Testing #4 double exposure


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Choosing Carefully

In the novel Abarat by Clive Barker, the protagonist Candy Quakenbush encounters a consequential internal conflict of choosing between her home, the colorless Chickentown, and the Abarat—an archipelago inhabited by fantastical creatures. In a short amount of time of contemplation, she “leaped into the air, committing [her life] to the frenzied waters of the Sea of Izabella” (93). The phrase “committing her life” used in this sentence not only has the meaning of putting her faith in the hands of the sea, but another, which signifies Candy is committing to her decision and is accepting that she will leave her family behind and start a new life on her own in the Abarat. This section of the novel not only reminds me of the countless times I had to make important choices under a short period of time; but also taught me to devote myself to my final decision even though it may not have been the most rational option.

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