Before winter break, I finished my first IO. I referenced panels from American Born Chinese and The Problems with Apu documentary to talk about the effects of racist stereotyping in pop culture has on ethnic groups and its connection with racial discrimination. Going into this IO, I had trouble with organizing my thoughts and deciding what topic to cover, trying to avoid the generic ‘both works use stereotypes.’ Instead, I expanded this idea by showing a possible outcome–racial discrimination. Being in the first group, I thought I did a good job. I was able to select specific examples to support my point and made sure to round back to my thesis statement. However, there are areas I need to work on. I need to make sure my content is balanced, where both works are analyzed equally and preparing panels from the documentary so I could do use visual annotations as evidence. Another part I could have done better was the answering question portion of the IO. I needed to give an answer that covered content outside of my selected panels; I should have linked back to the whole storyline to provide a bigger picture and better understanding.