When creating this vector portrait, I began with an outline using the pen tool to create round edges, separating the hair, skin, and facial features into different layers. The most challenging part was deciding on which details to include. Over time, I was able to let go of the need to capture every detail or creating smooth color transitions. Instead, I forced myself to use larger shapes and increased the color contrast to create dimension. I also see an improvement in making clean, round lines.

My poster reflects my aesthetic, where I like to have a mixture of realistic and ‘imaginative’ aspects. Ariev Soeharto was my inspiration for this poster; I incorporated his graphic style for the figure, using minimal shading and curved lines. In his artwork, Soeharto tends to have a playful and freeform background, so I added an abstract blob of pink and used a bubble font.


What do you think graphic design is?

A means of communication through visuals that is targeted towards a chosen audience.


What skills do you hope to learn?

design layout, content for specific types of graphic design, editing images.


What is the best thing you ever made?

a human sized wave prop for the swim team.


What do you want to make?

brand logos or ads.


What strengths do you have that you can bring to your learning in this course?

I’m in art hl so hopefully what I’ve learned from there and my drawing skills will help me in this course.