It feels like we still have forever until school can start again. In the meantime, we are doing eLearning to continue our coursework.

When I first heard the news about doing eLearning, I thought it would be back to back video calls for each class. But this current system is working well: daily assignments are posted, and you are required to complete it within a designated time frame. Surprisingly, it didn’t take long for me to adjust; it’s just like school but without the lectures and only homework. The best part is that we get more downtime and can manage our time freely.

The overwhelming levels differ from day to day, depending on the workload. But I’ve managed to find good balance and routine. What I find the most challenging about eLearning is going through the material on our own. At times this is better because I can work at my own pace; however, having a teacher guide you through it would still be more beneficial and efficient. A suggestion is to get some feedback on our assignments, for example, the past “Valentine” work would be helpful.