In this typography unit, we explored a typeface and its ‘personality’; the font I worked with was Cooper Black. We began with researching the history and how/where it is used. We transferred the information onto a poster and created corresponding graphics; below are my drafts from this process.



I was testing different color combinations to resemble the style from the 1900s. Cooper Black was designed in 1921 and “represents the 1970’s,” so I thought color was one way to show its ‘personality.’



For the illustration component, I wanted to showcase the typeface’s boldness and contrast. I was going to a more modern and simplistic style, so I used an orange-tinted red and blue. This differs from the style of the poster, but the colors help tie them back together.



1. What is typography, and why is it important for all designers to understand?

Typography is the technique of arranging type to make written text legible and appealing. The text is displayed in a way to reach a specific purpose, whether it is to advertise or inform.


2. What is the most useful or interesting thing you learned about typography during this unit?

I learned that different typefaces play different roles, and sticking to those roles can help enhance its features and ‘personality.’


3. What do you think you need to learn more about?

I think I need to learn more about how these typefaces and design principles are executed in different contexts and what makes them successful.