For our final graphic design project, we were asked to design the graphics and branding material for a client’s mobile catering business

*this presentation is inspired by Ono Food Co.

Ice cream is a popular summer treat, but it being a sandwich makes it unique. The food product alone would allow the business to stand out amongst others. My target audience is teens at summer festivals in LA.


Design Concept

I opted for a caravan truck opposed to a traditional food truck because the business is created for festivals, where efficient mobility is not the focus. The primary emphasis is on design, inspired by sunny California.

The white, wood, and pastel color scheme is a long-time social trend; it combines simplicity with playfulness. The sprinkle pattern on the backside serves as a backdrop and a photo area, allowing customers to take quick snaps. The design concept captures the social media-saturated LA while appealing to the aesthetics of a teen demographic.

For the logo, I opted for a doodle style with an image referencing to the Classic Combo. I wanted the logo to capture the customizable experience, given the variety of flavors and toppings.

As for the products, I chose a business card which has the same sprinkle pattern as the caravan, an easel menu which reinforces the artistic vibe of the logo, and a simple open-lid box packaging.

My design process began with finding food truck graphics on Pinterest for inspiration; I was immediately drawn to the white and rustic style. I learned that this colorway is commonly seen on Instagram feeds, which led to developing my target audience and food product. I sketched ideas and planned my color scheme, spending the most time on the logo. It plays an important role in tying all the products and caravan graphics together.

Here are images of my first vs. final logo and truck design



I had a lot of fun doing this project and designing with a marketing purpose in mind.¬†One of my criteria was to create a design that would appeal to the target audience. I think I achieved this by using the white, wood, and pastel color social trend. I also like my idea of making the backside a photo area, which worked well in showing LA’s social media culture. Next time, instead of a business card, I would create a product that directly relates to the venue.