The past 7-8 months was something no one has ever experienced or would ever think of living through. The hardest part was staying motivated while going through the same routine every day. The bright side of this was spending quality time with family and working on myself. Overall, this experience has taught me the importance of self-management, finding purpose, and remembering to spend time on myself/self-care.

Last year, we’ve gone through multiple texts, but my favorite has to be between American Born Chinese or Carol Ann Duffy’s poem collection. For ABC, I liked reading a comic book for a change. The three converging storylines and their degree of relatability also made the novel more interesting to read. As for Duffy’s poems, I thoroughly enjoyed analyzing the text to find the hidden message that was related to love and female empowerment.

Based on previous assessments, I think I’m better at doing an IO because I can prepare beforehand, and for that same reason, I need to work on writing Paper 1. For my IO, I would like to either focus on American Born Chinese, Carol Ann Duffy’s poems, or Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress.

This year, I hope to be more active in class discussions, work on my writing and vocabulary, and stay organized between coursework and college applications.