I was born twice: first, as a circumspect youthful boy, fighting for survival under the bankrupt government; and then again, as a valiant, matured man who’ve fought for justice.

There are countless debates when it comes to answering whether the French Revolution was effective. During the 10 years, insurrections occurred one after another; meaning that there were continuities and changes in laws.

In 1799, was the year Napoleon Bonaparte rose to power. During this time, many alterations were made. France became a constitutionalized monarch where people of all classes were given the privilege to vote. Education was established nation-wide, the estates and the taxing laws were abolished, and the churches were under the government’s rule. Even though, everyone seemed to have equal rights, citizens who were once in the third estate were still living in poverty, while the first and second estates were living in wealth. As for the established laws, many of them didn’t apply to women. They weren’t allowed to vote, get an education, and own any land. Women were seen as machines on expanding the population. At this time, censorship was also in use. Many of the media were censored and controlled by the government and their undercover police force. Once the French Revolution ended in 1799, there weren’t immense changes from the life under the Old Regime and the constitutionalized monarchy.