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The Thing About Jellyfish


The magazine cover I created is based off the novel The thing about Jellyfish written by Ali Benjamin; the quotes I used displays the relationship between protagonist’s development and the central idea of the theme of learning how to get over tragic incidents. This book is about Suzanne learning how to get over the death of her best friend, Franny; and how she changed as a character because of it. Many of these changes impacted the way other people thought of her. This novel shows flashbacks of Franny, showing the way Suzanne and Franny acted and what their friendship was like. *spoiler alert. After constantly reminiscing about the past, Suzanne finally understood that “sometimes, things just happen” (Benjamin 17). And that there’s no way to change the past, the only way is to accept what happened.

The magazine cover was created using Canva. I decided to call the magazine using this name because the two  names are two important aspects of the novel.*spoiler alert Many conflicts occurred are also caused because Suzanne’s obsession with the death of Franny. The whole time, Suzanne thought it was the Irukandji jellyfish that caused incident.The quotes I used shows the relationship between Suzanne’s character development and the theme, where it is placed at the bottom of the cover. The jellyfishes in the background shows the conclusion to Suzanne’s theory of Franny’s death while portraying that Suzanne’s life is scattered and chaotic whereas the jellyfishes are placed in different sections of the cover.



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Haunting Regrets


This poem is from page 4 of the short story “The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant” written by W.D Wetherell. This story is set in summer of the 1960’s on a river in the East Coast. In the story, the protagonist asks Sheila Mant on a date, and brought her to a festival in Dixford. While canoeing to the festival, the rod caught a Bass. The protagonist would have brought the fish on the canoe, but Sheila doesn’t like fishing so the protagonist has to choose between Sheila and his passion for fishing. In the end, the protagonist chose Sheila and let the fish go, cutting the string in half. After that day, the loss of the Bass haunted him all summer. The protagonist learnt that in life there will be other Sheila’s and other fishes, so he never made the same mistake again.

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