“‘It’s OK,’ [Grandpa] tells me. […] ‘I understand if you go. It’s OK if you have to leave us. It’s OK if you want to stop fighting’” (Forman 161). After a tragic car accident, nothing will ever be the same for Mia. Many people wanted her to stay, but the most important people made her want to leave. In the novel If I Stay by Gayle Forman, Mia has to choose between her family and her own future.

The discrete individuals who visited Mia made her realize, not all decisions have to be altruistic. After registering the fact that none of her family members survived, “[Mia’s] not sure this is a world [she] belongs in anymore. [She’s] not sure that [she] wants to wake up [from her unconsciousness]” (146). Mia thought that leaving would help everyone become stronger because of what they’ve lost today, but thinking about leaving, that made her a hypocrite. So, “shouldn’t [she] stay? Soldier through it?” (195). Even though Mia’s being egocentric, she just wished that everyone would understand the way her Grandfather did, that she can’t stay. She’s not ready “to handle what [she] has to handle if [she] were to stay” (196).

Throughout the entire novel, Mia was debating between whether or not to stay; she tried to see the light in both situations, but the doubts pulled her down. However, during Mia’s time laying on the hospital bed, Adam was the person she wanted to see the most. He was the one that helped Mia make the final decision. Though, Mia never truly understood why Adam chose her; Mia always saw him as someone from a completely different world from hers. Nevertheless, one thing she did know was if she left and still “[remembered Adam [, it] would be like losing him all over again, and [she’s] not sure [she] can bear that” (194). *SPOILER ALERT Then when Adam came and began to talk to her lifeless body, Mia knew staying was the moral decision.

Mia always thought relief was what she needed; to hear someone say they “‘understand if [she goes]. […] It’s OK if [she] want to stop fighting’” (161). However, after hearing Adam’s simple words, “‘Stay.’” (207). she realized those were the words she wanted to hear all along. Those were the words that meant the most.



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