This heart wrenching novel is regarding two protagonists. A girl who learns to live from a boy who intends to die.

In the novel, All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven, the two protagonists, Violet Markey and Theodore Finch bonds after they met on the bell tower at school, where it’s debatable who saved whom. When they were partnered for a class assignment, Finch takes Violet around the natural wanders of an Indiana town, while Violet is forever haunted by the aching grief of Eleanor’s death. From being in the spotlight, to struggling with depression, Violet has been through multiple phases which made her become a dynamic character. Finch, on the other hand, struggles with a bipolar disorder, persistently persuading himself to find the reason to live. Together, Finch and Violet helps each other overcome the worry in their lives and learn to live and appreciate the moment.

“Worthless. Stupid. Those were the words [Finch] grew up hearing. They’re the words [he tries] to outrun, because if [he lets] them in, they might stay there and grow and fill [him] up and in, until the only thing left of [Finch is] worthless stupid freak” (63). Finch was always diverse. His appearance didn’t always blend in, especially his personality. At times, he would say and do things without processing, “people don’t like that” (62). He had said. Finch would also constantly need to find an active reason to stay alive by regularly pushing himself to physical exertion. To “break free from the slow, regular pace of everyone else” (132), to feel his heart beat right through him. On the other hand, Violet was a cheerleader who was always in the popular crowd, “she’s a girl who would date guys like Ryan Cross, baseball star, and sits with Amanda Monk and the other queen bees” (6). You would never imagine running into a person like Violet on a ledge, six stories above the ground.

This enthralling novel is about Violet and Finch, where Violet, who learns to live from Finch, who intends to die. The two protagonist, Finch and Violet, has contrasting characteristics, yet they complement one another. Finch prevents Violet from letting her grief take over while Violet is the only reason why he is still breathing.



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