Over the course of One Day, Anthea, Angela, and I, tie dyed numerous apparel.¬†Our goal was to customize plain white clothing and help the Booster Club advertise their shirts, as they are going to be selling tie dye kits later on in the school year. During this project, I learned the full process of preparing the fabrics, from soaking them in baking soda water, to rinsing them out. I also learned how to fold the shirts to create diverse designs. Overall, the entire process went smoothly and the majority of the shirts came out decent. However, finding white apparel was difficult, but we solved the problem by working with the Booster Club members and help from peers. If we were to do this again, we should purchase the materials earlier, as many of them weren’t assessable due to the Chinese New Year holiday. By doing so, we will be able to customize a variety of fabrics.