The book Witches! by Rosalyn Schanzer is a fascinating narrated story about a small colonial town of Salem Village. In the village, two girls called Betty and Abigail began to “twitch and choke and contort their bodies into strange abnormal shapes” (Schanzer 19). They were the first ones with the sign of having fits. Many people thought this as ‘the Devil’s work’, which means that these girls were bewitched. Numerous people getting the fits speculated around the village. Allegations were made, accusing  people of being witches. This soon led to many deaths of innocent people and the village was in the state of disarray.

For this Multimedia post, I used the website Canva. For this post, the quotes I chose are following the book’s format, in chronological order; while explaining how each of these statements supports the theme statement. The theme statement is about the effects of telling lies; explaining how when a lie is told, even the truth won’t be able to bring people out, instead, it will only make them believe the lie even more, setting them deeper into falsification. This theme statement can also be interperated as how lies can lead to consequences that is out of reach.


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