This poem is from page 4 of the short story “The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant” written by W.D Wetherell. This story is set in summer of the 1960’s on a river in the East Coast. In the story, the protagonist asks Sheila Mant on a date, and brought her to a festival in Dixford. While canoeing to the festival, the rod caught a Bass. The protagonist would have brought the fish on the canoe, but Sheila doesn’t like fishing so the protagonist has to choose between Sheila and his passion for fishing. In the end, the protagonist chose Sheila and let the fish go, cutting the string in half. After that day, the loss of the Bass haunted him all summer. The protagonist learnt that in life there will be other Sheila’s and other fishes, so he never made the same mistake again.